Our Perspective

According to the 2010 United States Census, roughly 249 million Americans, or 80% of the nation’s population, live in urban centers. These urban centers and their inhabitants depend utterly on a sophisticated supply chain to sustain their modern way of life.


We don’t often contemplate the vulnerability of this supply chain. But we should. MI5, Great Britain’s well-known internal security service, has often articulated the maxim that society is but “four meals away from anarchy”. In other words, Britain could be quickly reduced to large-scale disorder—including looting and rioting—in the wake of a catastrophic event that stems food delivery. The same maxim would naturally apply to the United States where similar delivery systems prevail.

Our federal officials have modeled the effects of “Black Swan” events on timely delivery of the food, water, fuel, medical care and technology that underpin American society. Seeing potential for large-scale chaos, they have mitigated this risk for themselves by investing hundreds of billions of dollars in a continuity-of-government plan that has overseen the construction, equipping and provisioning of over one hundred classified "haven" facilities accessible only to families and staff of government officials. No parallel provisions have been made in our country (the US) for the general population.

Now that financial, geo-political and social tensions are evident and growing in all Western democracies, and cumulative total external government debt is about to top $60 trillion—a sum that is politically and mathematically impossible to repay—it is becoming critical to insulate our families from the looming potential for societal and supply-chain disruptions.

Due to our early recognition of the various threats now posed to our ordered and modern society, 360 LLC has grown to become a leading provider of private haven solutions for families, family offices, foundations and corporations.

Our team brings a dynamic combination of expertise and experience in order to deliver turnkey and custom-built haven solutions anywhere. Whether your setting is simple and rural, high-risk and complex, here or abroad, we can deliver long-term, cost-effective systems tailored to meet your specific needs.

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